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CLEIA TILES  : Tiles Export in JAPAN

We are CLEIA group of company India, We are Manufacture and exporter, Floor Tiles, Slab Tiles, Subway Tiles, Porcelain Tiles With different sizes. CLEIA TILES  is present  selling tiles in JAPAN Market with different sizes and product.

Ceramic Floor tiles, Glossy Tiles, Matt Floor Tile,
60×60 Porcelain Tiles, 80×80 Glazed Porcelain Tiles,
60×60 Vitrified Floor Tiles,
60×120 Polished Porcelain Vitrified – PGVT & GVT, Thin Tiles, Granite Tiles, Wooden Strip,
 Floor, Porcelain Tiles, Big Slab Porcelain Tiles, Big Format Porcelain Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Full Body Tiles, Out Door Porcelain Tiles, Supper White Porcelain Tiles, from India.

Cleia groupe, exports are spread across all over the globe with prime focus on niche markets of PHILIPPINES export Since 2013, we are spreading our wings and delivering the best products globally.

Also at cleia tiles, the main aim is to help a business set up and establish their network of clients and generating additional revenue by reducing complications associated with it. We are happy to work as chanel partner of country distribution partner wel come to  OEM company work as joint venture  with cleia groupe

cleia tiles  Product Available below city in JAPAN :

Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya , Kawasaki



CERAMIC FLOOR TILE: 60×60, 20×120 cm

GLAZED PORCELAIN TILES: 60×60, 60×120, 80×80,100 x100 cm


SLAB PORCELAIN TILE : 120×120, 120×240, 120 x280 , 120 x 300, 120 x 320 cm ( thikness : 6 mm ,9 mm )
 QUARTZ SLAB SIZE : 160 X 320 CM ( thikness :  2CM , 3CM )


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