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As we all know that there is trend of ceramic and porcleain tiles is going all around the world . But while renovating your house you would also had an question that why only ceramic tiles should be used for the flooring of our house ?? Am i right or not ..? But let me tell you that some trends are very benefical for everyone because mthey are suistanabble trends .!!.

Ceramic tiles are very versatile  Any need, condition, or setting can be met with their infinite variety of colors, textures, and laying schemes. They are hygienic, easy to clean, and need little maintenance. Furthermore, since ceramic is an inert material, it does not absorb stains or dirt and is not easily scratched; they are very resistant and can withstand weathering conditions without being much damaged. They are excellent heat conductors and can be laid on heated floors, clearly, the technical specifications and laying recommendations must be followed. 

Let me give you some more reasons that why you should use  ceramic tiles :





5:Non - Combustible



8:Eco - Friendly


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